Benefits of Analog to Digital Migration 07/07/2017


Many developing countries across the globe have been struggling to migrate from the analog platform to the digital platform. The impasse has been as a result of the communication authorities and the local broadcasting networks.

The court orders issued by the courts have been the primary reason as to why the process has not been smooth in most countries. Secondly, many broadcasters were ignorant one some of the benefits of analog to digital migration. This read educates us on some of the advantages of the same:

Picture quality

quality One of the benefits of analog to digital migration is better picture quality. Over the years, many broadcasters have struggled to produce better audio and picture qualities to their clients.

Broadcasting on the analog platform is the major reason why many broadcasters have struggled with quality picture and sound.
However, on the digital platform, the case is different as it offers brighter and sharper picture and there is reduced interference which means that the viewer experience is significantly enhanced.

More options in programming

Secondly, the analog to digital migration offers the customers with more options as far as programming is concerned. The television users can access more television channels which means that they have more options to make as far as what to watch is concerned.

This also helps in the diversity of the programs since the users can watch different programs from different geographical locations.

Electronic program guides

There is better utilization of the electronic program guides on the digital platform as compared to the analog platform. This is ideal especially for the family since it is easier to navigate through the various programs and determine whether it is appropriate for the family audience or not.

It is also possible to place reminders for the ideal programs to what at different types. It is also easier to locate various programs based on their genre, and also the content since a short synopsis is always provided.

Utilization of frequencies

frequencies Broadcasters utilize better their frequencies on the digital platforms as compared to the analog platforms. This is because the digital signals carry more data than the analog signals which means that there is reduced number of frequencies that are needed by the industry. The unused frequencies can be channeled and used in other areas that they are needed.

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